SESSION 2019-20



Sr. No.




Duties and Responsibilities




Mr. Ami Swami Vice Principal

Mrs Princy Bhat PGT

·    Mr. Rajinder Singh, TGT(Senior Most )

·    Mrs. Kamal Gandhi, PRT


To monitor teaching learning process and monitoring of students



Academic Supervision

Mr Naresh Kumar ,Principal

Mr. Ami Swami ,Vice Principal


·    Mrs. Kamal Gandhi, PRT

Mrs. Amarjit Kaur, PGT

Monitor teaching learning process, checking of notebooks, moderation committee for exams, smooth conduct of panel inspection



Finance & Purchase

Mr. Ami Swami ,Vice Principal

Mr. Sukhvinder Singh, PGT

Mrs Farzana Ali


·    Mrs. Veerpaul Kaur, TGT

·    Mr. Jeevan Kumar, TGT

·    Mr. T Nayak, PRT

·    Mr. Sukhbir Singh, PRT


Responsible for local purchase, market survey and collection of quotations




Mrs. Amarjit Kaur, PGT

·    Mr.TajinderSingh,TGT

·    Mr. T Nayak, PRT

·    Mrs. Suman Sharma, PRT


To advertise the vacancy position for the students and  to  scrutinize the registration forms for admission and carry out the process as per the KVS   Admission guidelines for that  session in consultation with the Principal



Examination (Internal)

Mrs. Princy Bhat, PGT



·    Mr Ramnish Bansal PGT

·    Mr. Gurdev Singh, TGT

·    Mr. Tajinder Singh,TGT

·    Mrs. Rohini Mahajan, PRT

·    Mr. Sukhbir Singh, PRT

To plan the schedule of Unit-test/FA/ASL/PSA/OTBA/SA, Cumulative Examination, Pre-Board and Annual Examination as per the calendar of activities.

To ensure the evaluation of Internal Assessment and grading of co-scholastic subjects as per the instructions of CBSE/KVS.

To give suitable instructions to class teachers /subject teachers for maintaining all the relevant records.



CBSE Examination & other Exams

Mr. Ramnish Bansal PGT

·    Mr. Rajinder Singh, TGT-(CBSE)

·    Mr. Gurdev Singh, TGT-(CBSE AND OTHER)

·    Mr. Jeevan Kumar, TGT-(OTHER)

To conduct external examination as per the prescribed norms and to maintain record of all such examinations.

 To conduct Board Exam as per CBSE guidelines and also to give suitable instructions for carrying out Internal Assessment and maintain records




CCA and Morning Assembly

(Regional level, National Level, SGFI/Associations/Federation (Open)

Mr. Neeraj Khattak, PGT

·    Mrs. Shashi Sadawarti, TGT

·    Mrs Surekha Sarin TGT

·    Mrs Priya Rawat TGT

·    Mrs. Veerpaul Kaur, TGT

·    Mrs. Vibhu Sachdeva, PRT

·    Ms. Jyoti PRT

·    All Class Teachers, House Masters and Associates

To organize Inter house competitions effectively and to celebrate all the days of National importance/

Occasions with the assistance of House Masters and other experts in a planned manner.

-To activate the conduct of Morning Assembly ensuring quality nurturing of the talents

To monitor day to day morning assembly programme effectively and ensure befitting presentation on all fronts on time and putting Monitoring score for the day to the Principal.

To select School Captain, House captains and other members of the council for carrying out their usual work in consultation with the Principal. 

To implement pass system for Systematic/ orderly movement of students for assembly. Checking of late comers.

To coordinate all external competitions relevant to our system.

To be responsible for purchase of suitable prizes for different competitions, distribute certificates and prizes to the students from time to time.

To make all arrangements for smooth conduct of morning assembly including arrangement for special occasions.



Time Table and Leave Arrangement

Remedial Teaching

Study Camp

Academic Loss Compensation Programme (AlCP)


Mr.Sukhvinder  Singh PGT

·    Mrs. Arti Dhiman, TGT

·    Mrs. Sonia Verma, TGT

·    Mr Tajinder Singh  TGT

·    Mrs. Prem Lata, PRT

·    Mrs. Rajni Bansal, PRT

·    Mr. Anant Kumar ,PET


To prepare & execute time table as per the norms.

-To make necessary adjustments in the time table due to administrative exigencies.

-To device workable & suitable assignment/

remedial time-table

-To make arrangement for classes suitably as per requirement.

- To prepare day to day substitution with precision and care to ensure effective engagement of the classes to avoid unwanted movement of the students.






Mr. Neeraj Khattak, PGT

Mrs Farzana Ali  PGT

·    Mrs. Shashi Sadawarti, TGT

·    Mrs. Surekha Sarin, TGT

·    Anant Kumar,PET

·    Mrs. Kamal Gandhi, PRT

·    Mrs. Kulwinderjit Kaur, PRT

·    Mrs. Subhash Thakur ,PRT

·    Lab Attendant-Physics Lab

·    Lab Attendant-Chemistry Lab

·    All Class Teachers


-To ensure the congenial atmosphere by maintaining gentle movement of students and dealing the cases of indiscipline of students if any.  A separate file is be maintained.



Alumni Association

Mrs Princy Bhat PGT

·    Mrs. Shashi Sadawarti, TGT

·    Mr. T Nayak, PRT

To organize Alumni Meet, updates regarding Alumni Association and agenda for meetings



Hospitality & Rangoli

Mrs. Kirandeep Kaur  ,PGT

·    Mrs. Kulwinderjit Kaur, PRT

·    Mrs. Vibhu Sachdeva, PRT

·    Mrs.Suman Sharma,PRT

Providing comforts and arrangement of refreshment & stay



M&R School Building

Mr. Jeevan Kumar , TGT

·    Mr. Rahul Kohli, TGT

·    Mr. Sukhbir Singh, PRT

·    Mrs. Subash Thakur PRT

·    Lab Attendant-Physics Lab

To carry out maintenance & repair work of buildings including toilets, surroundings and play field in the temporary building along with uninterrupted water and electric supply and  to keep strict vigil over construction work in permanent building



School Beautification and Gardening

Ms. Jyoti, PGT

·    Mrs. Arti  Dhiman, TGT AE

·    Ms Priya Rawat,TGT

·    Mr. Mukesh Rana, TGT

·    Ms. Subhash, PRT

·    All Class Teachers

-To monitor the work effectively  and to offer technical expertise to improve gardening by providing all required materials from time to time to bring the  aesthetic look to the Vidyalaya.



Allotment and Upkeep of Staff Quarters

Mr. Neeraj Khattak , PGT

·    Mrs. Veerpaul Kaur, TGT

·    Mr. T Nayak, PRT

·    Ms. Subhash, PRT

·    Lab Attendant-Physics Lab

Responsible for allotment of staff quarters and maintenance of quarters




Mrs Princy Bhat PGT

·    MrTajinder Singh,TGT

·    Ms Sonia Verma TGT

·    Ms Rohini Mahajan PRT

·    Mrs Prem Lata PRT

Increasing cooperation between parents teachers for improving the educational facilities and programmes

Holding seminars, workshops, discussions, cultural activities and meeting of parents and teachers.

Bringing society and school closer for better cooperation.

Maintaining harmony between teachers and parents for betterment of students.



Vidyalaya Patrika and Newsletter

Mr Neeraj

Mrs. Princy Bhat, PGT


·    Mrs. Mrs. Sonia Dua, TGT

·    Mrs Shashi K Sadawarti ,TGT

·    Mrs. Veerpaul Kaur, TGT

·    Ms. Priya Rawat, TGT

·    Mrs Suman PRT

·    Mrs Kamal Gandhi ,PRT

·    Mrs Vibhu Sachdeva, PRT


In charge of school magazine and any other issues related to publication.



Raj Bhasha

Mr Naresh Kumar ,Principal

Mr. Ami Swami ,Vice-Principal

Mr. Neeraj Khattak, PGT

·    Mrs. Veerpaul Kaur, TGT

·    Mrs. Rakesh Meena, TGT

·    Ms. Subhash, PRT

·    Mrs. Prem Lata, PRT

·    Mr. D.P. Choudhary ASO

To conduct quarterly meetings of Rashtrabhasha and to submit quarterly reports to the Regional Office.



First Aid & Medical Checkup

Ms. Jyoti,PGT

Mr Tajinder Singh,TGT


·    Mrs. Sonia Verma, Librarian

·    Mr Mukesh Rana TGT

·    Mrs Manju, PRT

·    All Class and Co-Class Teachers

To  keep the first-aid box ready and help the students whenever required.



Boarding & Lodging

Mr Raja Ram Gurjar, PGT

Mr. Neeraj Khattak, PGT

Mr.Anant Kumar TGT (P&HE)

·    Mr. Jeevan Kumar, TGT

·    Mr. T Nayak, PRT

·    Mr. Sukhbir Singh, PRT

For Cluster/Regional/National Events, committee will be responsible for boarding and lodging arrangements.




Mrs. Sonia Verma, Librarian

Mr Ami Swami,Vice-Principal

·    Mr Sukhvinder Singh , PGT

·    Mrs. Princy Bhat, PGT

·    Mr. Neeraj Khattak, PGT

·    Mrs. Amarjit Kaur, PGT

·    Mr. Ramnish Bansal,PGT

·    Mrs. Kamal Gandhi, PRT

·    Mrs Subhash Thakur ,PRT

·    All Faculty Heads

To procure at least 500 text books and reference books recommended by CBSE and KVS  Library  policy and  as per the recommendation of faculty members.

To organize Class Library and to present Monthly book review for each student of the Vidyalaya.

To assist Primary wing in Library activities in light of CMP.



Vidyalaya Website

Mrs. Kirandeep Kaur, PGT

·    Computer Instructor –I

·    Computer Instructor –II

·    Mrs. Shashi Sadawarti, TGT

·    Mrs. Rajni Bansal, PRT

To ensure all the computers in Labs /deptt are in working condition for carrying out Computer aided classes effectively with the assistance of computer instructors and to submit monthly updates to the office.

Updating  of latest information regarding  Vidyalaya and  removal of  old information from the website  by obtaining approval  of  the  Principal



Canteen Supervision

Mr. Sukhvinder Singh, PGT

·    Mr. Raja Ram Gurjar PGT

·    Ms. Priya Rawat,TGT

·    Mrs. Suman Sharma, PRT

Fixation of rates, check the quality of eatables, stress on hygiene and cleanliness of compound



Grievance Redressal

Mrs. Yasha, PGT

Mrs AmarjIt Kaur,PGT


·    Mrs. Shashi Sadawarti, TGT

·    Mrs. Surekha Sarin, TGT

·    Mr. Gurdev Singh, TGT

·    Mr. Sukhbir Singh, PRT

Regarding any grievances, committee will be responsible to redressal and grievances.



House Keeping and Vidyalaya Cleanliness

Mr. Rahul Kohli, TGT

Mr. Sukhbir Singh, PRT

·    Mr Mukesh Rana ,TGT

·    Lab Attendant-Biology Lab

To monitor the services of security and cleanliness in consultation with the agencies concerned so as to Vidyalaya bears a clean look



The Learning Attainment of Students (AIEEE,IIT-JEE,NEET,PMT,CLAT,NDA,OTHER)

Mr. Ajay Meena ,PGT


Organizing important days, UNO exam, Vivekananda Quiz, Olympiads and any other activity asked by RO Chandigarh




Mrs. Yasha, PGT

·         Mr. Rakesh Meena ,TGT

·         Mr. Sukhbir Singh, PRT

Condemnation as per RO Chandigarh norms



Youth Parliament

Mrs. Amarjit Kaur, PGT


·         Mrs. Shashi Sadawarti, TGT

·         Mr  Rakesh Meena ,TGT

·         Mrs. Sonia Dua, TGT

·         Mrs. Arti Dhiman, TGT AE

Organizing Youth Parliament at school level and Regional Level to make children aware about the democratic setup of India



Fine Management

Mr. Rahul Kohli, TGT

·    Mrs. Sonia Verma, Librarian

·    Mrs. Mrs. Sonia Dua, TGT

·    Mrs. Manju Rani, PRT

Committee will look into the matter of fine and broken any item of the school



Hoisting and Lowering of National Flag

Mr. Anant Kumar, PET

Sports Coach

·    Sports Coach -1

·    Mr. Babu Lal, Sub Staff

Responsible for hoisting and lowering of National Flag



Resource Room Maintenance

Mrs. Kulwinderjit Kaur, PRT

·    Mrs. Rajni Bansal, PRT


Maintenance of resource room as per KVS norms




Staff Room Maintenance

Mrs. S Sarin,TGT

·    Mrs. Arti Dhiman ,Drg. Tr.

·    Ms. Priya Rawat, TGT

·    Mrs. Manju Rani, PRT

·    Mrs. Subhash Thakur , PRT

To ensure that Staffroom is totally clean and arranged.

The relevant information is pasted at relevant place in staff room.





Mr. Sukhbir Singh, PRT

Mr. Mukesh Rana ,TGT

Mr Rakesh  Meena ,TGT




-To ensure all furniture bear serial numbers and the year of purchase.

-To ensure the adequacy and suitability of furniture in all the class rooms, including repair of furniture as per the rules.

-To keep inventory of furniture allotted to different classes and  departments




Mrs Amarjit Kaur,PGT

·    Mrs.Shashi K.Sadawarti , TGT

For the smooth functioning of Vidyalaya, committee is responsible



Suggestion Box

Mr Ami Swami,V.P.

·    Mrs Princy Bhat ,PGT

·    Mrs. Veer Paul Kaur,TGT

Motivate children for the betterment of KV No.1 Halwara. Suggestions always welcome




Mr. Neeraj Khattak, PGT

·    Mr Sukhvinder Singh PGT

·    MR. Tajinder singh,TGT

·    Mrs. Sonia Dua,TGT

·    Mrs.Rohini Mahajan,PRT

·    Ms Rajini Bansal,PRT

To check out and implement Annual plan for outing of the students as per the codal provisions in consultation with the class teachers/Principal.



Scout & Guide (Cub & Bulbul)

Mr. Tajinder Singh,TGT

Mrs Veerpaul Kaur ,TGT


·    Mrs. KirandeepKaur,PGT

·    Mrs.Shashi K.Sadawarti,TGT

·    Ms. Priya Rawat, TGT

·    Mr. Jeevan Kumar, TGT

·    Mr. Gurdev Singh, TGT

·    Mrs.Kulwinderjit Kaur,PRT

·    Ms. SubhashThakur,PRT

·    Mr. Trinath Nayak,TGT

·    Mr. Sukhbir Singh, PRT

·    Ms. Suman Sharma,PRT

·    Ms Rajini Bansal,PRT

·    Mrs. Manju Rani,PRT

To enroll Scouts & Guides, Cubs & Bulbuls and to organize testing camps, troop meetings as per the Annual Schedule of activities prepared at unit level in light of APRO.







Child Rights Protection Cell


Mrs Princy Bhat ,PGT

Mr Neeraj Khattak ,PGT

·         Mr Raja Ram Gurjar ,PGT

·         Mrs. Shashi Sadawarti, TGT

·         Mr. Rajinder Singh, TGT

·         Mrs. Kamal Gandhi, PRT

To protect child from sexual harassment.



Evacuation Team

Mr. Anant Kumar ,PET

·         Mr. Ajay Meena,TGT

·         Mr Trinath Nayak,PRT

·         Mrs. Rohini Mahajan,PRT

·         Mrs. Rajni

·         Bansal,PRT

·         All lab Attendants

·         All Class and Co-Class Teachers

·         Mr Boota Singh

During any natural calamity to look after school building and students.



Search & Rescue Team

Flying Squad

Mr.Neeraj Khattak,PGT

·         Mr. Rajinder Singh,TGT

·         Mr. Anant Kumar ,PET

·         Sports Coach-1

·         Sports Coach-2

·         Ms. Vibhu Sachdava,PRT

·         Mrs Rohini Mahajan,PRT

·         Ms.Jyoti,PRT

·         All Class and Co-Class Teachers

·         Mr Pal Singh

During any natural calamity to look after school building and students.



Team for students

with special needs


Mrs. Farzana Ali ,PGT

·         Mrs.Arti Dhiman, Drg.Tr

·         Mrs Sonia Dua,TGT

·         Mrs. Sonia Verma, Librarian

·         Mr. Anant Kumar ,PET

·         Mr Nitesh Kumar PRT Music

·         Nurse

Special care for disabled(Divyang)



Shaala Darpan

Students Data/

Student Enrollment

Mrs. Kirandeep Kaur,PGT

Mrs Rajni Bansal PRT

·    Computer Instructor-1

·    Computer Instructor-2

·    Activity Teacher

·    Nurse

·    Counsellor

·         Yoga Teacher

·         All Class teachers & Co Class teachers

To upload necessary information as per the requirement of Shaala Darpan.



Fee Record, CS-54 Attendance Register

Income Tax and Form 16

MrsFarzana PGT

·    Mr. Rahul Kohli ,TGT

·    Mrs Ajay Meena ,PGT

·         Mrs. Vibhu Sachdava,PRT

(Primary Section)

To maintain UBI Portal and to check Fees entries in attendance registers.





Value Education.

Career Counseling

Mrs.  Yasha,PGT

·         Ms.Mukesh Rana,TGT

·         Mr. Jeevan Kumar,TGT

·         Ms.Priya Rawat,TGT

·         Mr. Tajinder singh,TGT

·         Mrs Kamal Gandhi ,PRT

·         Ms. Subhash Thakur,PRT

To organize workshops project on value education.



Language Enrichment

Mrs. Princy Bhat,PGT

Mr Neeraj Khattak,PGT


To develop language techniques.




 Mr.Dharam Pal Chaudhary ,Astt.S.O

·         Mrs. Farzana PGT

·         MR. Rahul Kohli,TGT

·         Mrs. Arti Dhiman,Drg .Tr

·         Mrs. Vibhu Sachdava ,PRT


To check funds and entries related to VVN.



Welfare of SC/ST/RTE

Mrs. Amarjit Kaur,PGT

·         Mr. Gurdev Singh,TGT

·         Ms.Veerpaul Kaur,TGT

·         Mr. Trinath Nayak,PRT

For welfare of SC/ST/RTE



Workshop &


Mrs Kirandeep Kaur PGT

·         Mr. Gurdev Singh,TGT

·         Ms.Sonia Dua,TGT

·         Mrs. Vibhu Sachdava,PRT

·         Mrs Kamal Gandhi ,PRT


Stress upon e-learning, maintenance of computer labs and to enhance computer based learning.



Teaching Aid

Mr. Raja Ram Gurjar ,PGT

·         Mr. Rajinder Singh,TGT

·         Mrs. Sonia Dua,TGT

·         Mr Rakesh Kumar Meena,TGT

·         Ms Subhash Thakur,PRT

To issue teaching aids to concerned subject teachers to make lessons more effective



Vidyalaya Action Plan

Mr Ami Swami ,V.P.



·    Computer Instructor-1

·    Computer Instructor-2


Vidyalaya action plan as per RO Chandigarh instructions and requirements.



Decoration committee (Secondary)

Mrs. Aarti Dhiman

·         Mrs Sonia Verma ,Librarian

·         Mrs. Priya Rawat, TGT

To decorate stage during CCA Activities.



Decoration committee (Primary)

Mrs. Kulwinderjit Kaur

·         Mrs. Rajni Bansal,PRT

·         Mrs Prem Lata, PRT

To decorate stage during CCA Activities.




Mr Ami Swami,V.P.

·         Mrs Amarjit Kaur,PGT

·         Mrs Surekha Sarin, TGT

·         Mr Trinath Nayak,PRT

Right to Education






Mrs. Princy Bhat, PGT



To enhance vocabulary, communication skills, speaking, learning and writing. Stress upon handwriting and word formation. Responsible to celebrate birthdays of great writers and English Week  




Mr. Neeraj Khattak, PGT


To enhance vocabulary, communication skills, speaking, learning and writing. Stress upon handwriting and word formation.  To organize Hindi Pakhwara





Mr. Ramnish Bansal,PGT


To enhance problem solvingability, calculations and projects. Responsible for the smooth conduct of JMO and Maths Exhibition




Mr Sukhvinder Singh , PGT


To develop scientific skills, data collection, observations, activities and practical work. Responsible to conduct and prepare students for  JNNSMEE,  Science Olympiad, Science Exhibition etc.



Social Science

Mrs. Amarjit Kaur,PGT


To enhance knowledge to know about the culture of India and world. Also responsible for  organizing Social Science Exhibition



Miscellaneous Subject Committee

Mr.Anant Kumar,PET


·    Mrs. Sonia Verma, Librarian

·    Mrs. Arti Dhiman, TGT AE

·    Sports coach-1

·    Sports coach-2

·    Activity Teacher

·    Nurse

·    Counsellor

·    Yoga Teacher

Responsible to maintain record of all co-scholastic activities in their respective subjects and maintain their departments.



Office Work

Mr Ami Swami,V.P.

Student Enrollment

·    Mrs. Kirandeep Kaur, PGT

To compile the student enrollment on the last working day of the month and email to the same to Regional Office Chandigarh


Income Tax & Form 16 A

·    Mrs. Farzana, PGT

To assist UDC to verify income tax and Form 16 A



Primary Section

Kamal Gandhi

·    All Primary Teachers to coordinate all Primary Activities .





Get cooperation from others to give your best to the institution.

Work hard and remain happy! Your cooperation is highly appreciated.





(Mr Ami Swami)                                                                                                                                        ( Naresh   Kumar )


Vice-Principal                                                                                                                                               Principal









  CONSTITUTION OF HOUSES (Secondary section)





·           Mr. Neeraj Khattak PGT (Hindi)

·           Mrs. Shashi Sadawarti, TGT (S.Sc.) 


House Master: Mrs LN Dass , PGT (Comm)

Associate House Master: Mr. Seva Singh, PGT (English)

Associates:* Mr. Gurdev Singh, TGT (Math)

* Ms. Amanjeet Kaur, TGT (S.Sc.)

* Ms. Neetu Bala, TGT (Science)

Tagore HOUSE 

House Master: Mrs. Amarjeet Kaur, PGT (History)

Associate House Master: Mrs. LN Dass, PGT (Commerce)

Associates:* Mrs. Kiran Kohli, TGT (Science)

* Mrs. Poonam Parsheera, TGT (English)

* Mrs. Veerpaul Kaur, TGT (Hindi) 

Ashoka HOUSE 

House Master: Mrs. Yasha, PGT (Economics)

Associate House Master: Mrs. Kirandeep Kaur, PGT (Computer Science)

Associates:* Mrs. Meena Sharma, TGT (Math)

* Mrs. Sonia Dua, TGT (English)

* Mr. Jeevan Kumar, TGT (Hindi)  

Raman HOUSE 

House Master: Mr. Sukhvinder Singh, PGT (Chemistry)

Associate House Master: Mr. Ram Niwas Gautam, PGT (Geography)

Associates: * Mr. Rajinder Singh, TGT (Math)

* Mrs. Surekha Sarin, TGT (English)

* Mrs. Suruchi Sharma, TGT (Hindi)




CCA In-charge          PRINCIPAL




  CONSTITUTION OF clubs - committee

  FOR CCA & CCE - SESSION 2017-18


Literary club

In-charge: Mr. Seva Singh, PGT (English)



·        Mr. Neeraj Khattak, PGT (Hindi)

·        Mrs. Surekha Sarin, TGT (Eng)

·        Mrs. Veerpaul Kaur, TGT (Hindi)

In-charge Primary: Mrs. Rajni Bansal, PRT

·         Mr. Trinath Nayak, PRT

Scientific club / Sc. exhibition

In-charge: Mrs. Veena Wanchoo, PGT (Bio)



·        Mr. Sukhvinder Singh, PGT (Chem)

·        Mrs. Kiran Kohli, TGT (Sc.)

·         Ms. Neetu Bala, TGT (Science)

In-charge Primary: Mr. Tajinder Singh, PRT

·            Mrs. Suman Sharma, PRT


sadbhawna club

In-charge: Mrs. Shashi Sadawart, TGT (S.St)



·        Mr. Ram Niwas Gautam, PGT (Geog)

·        Ms. Amanjeet Kaur, TGT (S.Sc.)

·        Mr. Jeevan Kumar, TGT (Hindi)

·        Mrs. Arti Dhiman, TGT (Drg)

·        Ms. Neetu Bala, TGT (Science)

In-charge Primary: Mrs. Prem Lata, PRT

·         Mrs. Kulwinderjit Kaur, PRT

Eco & health club

In-charge: Mrs. Veena Wanchoo, PGT (Bio)



·        Mr. Ram Niwas Gautam, PGT (Geog)

·        Mrs. Kiran Kohli, TGT (Sc.)

·        Mrs. Poonam Parsheera, TGT (Eng)

·        Ms. Amanjeet Kaur, TGT (S.Sc.)

·        Mr. Surendra Kumar, TGT (WET)

In-charge Primary: Mrs. Rohini Mahajan, PRT

·         Mrs. Vibhu Sachdeva, PRT

Aesthetic club

In-charge: Mrs. Yasha, PGT (Economics) 


·        Mrs. Meena Sharma, TGT (Math)

·        Mr. Surendra Kumar, TGT (WET)

·        Mrs. Arti Dhiman, TGT (Drg)

In-charge Primary: Mrs. Suman, PRT

·         Mrs. Kusum Lata, PRT (Music)

Aep / disha club / equip

In-charge: Mrs. Surekha Sarin, TGT (Eng) 


·        Mrs. Kiran Kohli, TGT (Sc.)

·        Mrs. Sonia Dua, TGT (Eng)

·        Mrs. Poonam Parsheera, TGT (Eng)

In-charge Primary: Mr. Sukhbir Singh, PRT

·         Mrs. Poojka Gupta, PRT

 math club / maths Olympiad

In-charge: Mrs. KK Gill, PGT (Math)



·        Mr. Rajinder Singh, TGT (Math)

·        Mrs. Meena Sharma, TGT (Math)

·         Mr. Gurdev Singh, TGT (Math)


Social science exhibition

In-charge: Mrs. Amarjit Kaur, PGT (History)



·        Mrs. Yasha, PGT (Economics)

·        Mr. Ram Niwas Gautam, PGT (Geog)

·        Mrs. Shashi Sadawart, TGT (S.Sc.)

·         Mrs. Poonam Parsheera, TGT (Eng)

Secondary cca activities support

In-charge: Mrs. Veena Wanchoo, PGT (Bio)

·           Mrs. Shashi Sadawart, TGT (S.Sc.)

·           Mr. Shiv Kumar, TGT (P&HE)

·           Mr. Surendra Kumar, TGT (WET) PA System

·           Music / Activity Teacher

·           Mrs. Jeevan Kumar, TGT (Hindi) Photography

·           Mr. Raj Kumar, Sub-Staff (PA System)



CCA I/c                                                          HM                                                    PRINCIPAL






Overall In Charge :  Mrs. Jatinder Kaur (V. Principal) 

Primary Section: Mr. Harnek  Singh  (H.M)

1) Admission  Department

1)      Ms. Amarjit Kaur (PGT)   I/C

2)      Ms. Meena  Sharma (TGT)

3)      Mr. Harnek Singh (HM)   I/C

4)      Ms. Suman Sharma (PRT)



4) CCA and CCE (Life Skills) Morning Assembly

1.       Ms. Jatinder Kaur (V.Principal)  overall I/C

2.       Ms. Shashi Sadawarti (TGT)  I/C

3.       Mr. Roshan Lal (TGT)

4.       Mr. Shiv  Kumar (PET)

5.       Mr. Jeevan Kumar (TGT) Photography

6.       Music & Dance Tr. (Contractual)

7.       Yoga Teacher (Contractual)

8.       Mr. Raj Kumar (Lab Att.)    PA System

9.       Mr. Harnek Singh (HM)      I/C

10.   Ms. Kamal Gandhi (PRT)

11.   Ms. Anjli Wadhawan (PRT)

12.   Ms. Kusum Lata (Music Tr.)

13.   Mr. Tajinder  Singh (PRT)  PA System

14.   Mr. Sukhbir Singh (PRT)    Photography


2) Time Table / Leave Arrangement

1.       Mr. Sukhvinder Singh (PGT )   I/C

2.       Ms. Kiran Kohli (TGT)               

3.       Ms. Meena Sharma (TGT)                       

4.       Mr. Jeevan Kumar(TGT)                   

5.       Ms. Kamal Gandhi (PRT)

6.       Ms. Prem Lata (PRT)                         



5)   Discipline and Safety Committee

1.       Ms. Jatinder Kaur (V. Principal)   I/C

2.       Ms. Amarjeet Kaur   (PGT )

3.       Ms. Jasdeep Kaur (PGT)

4.       Mr. Shiv Kumar     (PET)                  

5.       Ms. Meena Sharma  (TGT)  

6.       Mr. Rajinder Singh  (TGT)   

7.       Ms. Surekha Sarin (TGT) 

8.       Mr. Jeevan  Kumar (TGT)         

9.       Mr. Harnek Singh (HM)                   

10.   Mr. Tajinder Singh  (PRT)               

11.   Mr. T Nayak (PRT)

12.   Ms. Subhash Thakur (PRT)

13.   Ms. Kulwinderjit Kaur (PRT)                             

14.   Ms. Amandeep Kaur (Coach)        

15.   Mr. Raj Kumar (Lab Att.)                

16.   Mr. Satpal (Lab Att.)                       

17.   Mr. Surinder Singh (Lab Att.)        

18.   All the Class Teachers


3) Examination Department

1.       Ms. K.K Gill (PGT)     I/C

2.       Mr. Rajinder Singh (TGT)

3.       Mr. Jeevan Kumar (TGT)

4.       Ms. Amanjeet Kaur (TGT)

5.       Mr. Raj Kumar (Lab Att.)

6.       Mr. Tajinder Singh (PRT)     I/C

7.       Ms. Kulwinderjit Kaur (PRT)


6)   PTM  & Counseling

1.       Ms. K.K.  Gill (PGT) I/C

2.       Ms. Jasdeep Kaur (PGT)

3.       Ms. KiranKohli (TGT)

4.       Ms. ShashiSadawarti (TGT)

5.       Ms. SurekhaSarin (TGT)

6.       Ms. AmanjeetKaur (TGT)

7.       Mr. Jeevan  Kumar (TGT)

8.       PGT  English (Contractual)

9.       Ms. KulwinderjitKaur (PRT)

10.   Ms. Sudesh  Sharma (PRT)

11.   Ms. Suman  Sharma (PRT)


7)   CBSE Examination

1.       Mr. Rajinder Singh (TGT)   I/C

2.       Ms. Amanjeet Kaur (TGT)

3.       Mr. Jeevan Kumar (TGT)


11)   First Aid and Medical Check- up

1.       Ms. Meena  Sharma (TGT) I/C

2.       Mr. Shiv Kumar (PET)

3.       Mr. Sukhbir  Singh (PRT) I/C

4.       Ms. Prem Lata  (PRT)

5.       Nurse  (contractual)

6.       Yoga Teacher (Contractual)


8)      Vidyalaya Patrika & News Letter

1.       Mrs. Jatinder Kaur (PGT)    I/C

2.       Ms. Surekha Sarin (TGT)

3.       Mr. Roshan Lal (TGT)

4.       Mr. R.P Upadhyay (TGT)

5.       PGT  English (contractual)

6.       Mr. Harnek Singh (HM)

7.       Ms. Sudesh Sharma (PRT)

8.       Ms. Vibhu Sachdeva (PRT)

9.       Ms. Suman Sharma (PRT)


12)   Library Committee

1.       Mr. Jarnail Singh  (Lib.)     I/C

2.       Ms. Jatinder Kaur  ( V. Principal)          

3.       Ms. Veena Wanchoo  (PGT )     

4.       Mr. Neeraj Khattak  (PGT )            

5.       Ms. Surekha Sarin (TGT )            

6.       Ms. Amanjeet Kaur  (TGT )   

7.       Mr. Harnek Singh (HM)                           

8.       Ms. Kamal Gandhi (PRT)                                         

9.       Ms. Sudesh  Sharma (PRT)                                    

10.   Ms. Asha Lata  (PRT)                      

11.   Ms. Kulwinderjit Kaur (PRT)               


9)      Quiz & MCQ Incharge

1.       Ms. Veena wanchoo (PGT)     I/C

2.       Ms. Kiran Kohli (TGT)

3.       Ms. Amanjeet Kaur (TGT)

4.       Ms. Shashi Sadavarti (TGT)

5.       Ms. Meena  Sharma (TGT)

6.       Mr. Roshan Lal  (TGT)

7.       Ms. Subhash Thakur    I/C

8.       Ms. Poojka (PRT)

9.       Ms. Suman  Sharma (PRT)

10.   Mr. Tajinder  Singh (PRT)


13)   Website and Think Quest Committee

1.       Dr. (Mrs.) Sudha Sharma   (Principal)  Patron

2.       Ms.  Jatinder Kaur  ( V.Principal)          Editor

3.       Ms. Kirandeep Kaur (PGT) Co. Editor I/C

4.       Mr. Roshan Lal  ( TGT )                      

5.       Mr. Rajinder Singh  (TGT )              

6.       Ms. Sonia Dua  (TGT )                    

7.       Ms. AmanjeetKaur  (TGT )   

8.       Ms. Kiran Kohli (PRT)

9.       Computer Instructor (Secondary)

10.   Computer Instructor (Primary)                            

11.   Mr. Tejinder Singh  (PRT)                           

12.   Ms. Vijay Kumari  (UDC)                             


10)   Rajbhasha Hindi Karyenwayen Samiti

1.       Mr. Neeraj Khattak (PGT) I/C

2.       Mr. Roshan Lal (TGT)

3.       Mr. R.P Upadhyay (TGT)

4.       Ms. Veerpaul Kaur (TGT)

5.       Mr. Jeevan Kumar (TGT)

6.       Ms. Kamal Gandhi

7.       Ms. Sudesh Sharma (PRT)

8.       Ms. HardeepKaur (PRT)

9.       Ms. Vijay Kumari (UDC)

10.   Ms. Ashpinder Kaur (LDC)


14)   School Cleanliness

1.       Ms. Jatinder Kaur (VP)   Overall Monitoring

2.       Ms. Yasha (PGT) I/C    (Ladies Toilet Incharge)

3.       Mr. Neeraj Khattak (Boys Toilet Incharge)

4.       Mr. Shiv Kumar (PET) (Gents Toilet Incharge)

5.       Ms. Kiran Kohli (TGT) (Girls Secondary Toilet) I/C

6.       Ms. Poonam Parsheera (TGT)Girls Secondary Toilet) I/C

7.       Mr. Harnek Singh (HM) to Monitor

8.       Ms. Subhash Thakur (PRT)      primary wing

9.       Ms. Suman Sharma (PRT)   primary wing

10.   Mr. T Nayak (PRT) (Boys Toilet – Primary)

11.   Ms. Suman (PRT) (Girls Toilet – Primary)


·         Outside Secondary Side Field Area

12.   Yoga Teacher (Contractual)

13.   Mr. Surinder Singh (Lab Att.)

14.   Mr. Raj Kumar (Lab Att.)


·         Outside Primary Side Field Area

15.   Ms. Kusum Lata (Music Tr.)

16.   Mr. Sat Pal (Lab Att.)


15) Scout & Guide

1.       Ms. AmanjeetKaur (TGT) I/C

2.       Ms. Sarika Bhatnagar (Art & Craft)

3.       Ms. PoonamParsheera (TGT)

4.       Mr. Jeevan Kumar (TGT)

5.       Mr. Shiv Kumar (PET)


Cubs & Bulbul

6.       Ms. Sudesh Sharma (PRT) I/C

7.       Ms. Sukhbir Singh (PRT)

8.       Mr. T Nayak (PRT)

9.       Mr. Tajinder Singh (PRT)

10.   Ms. Subhash Thakur (PRT)


 20) Canteen Committee

1.       Mr. Neeraj Khattak  (PGT Hindi)      I/C

2.       Ms. Shashi Sadawarti  (TGT)   

3.       Ms. Surekha Sarin (TGT)         

4.       Mr. Harnek Singh (HM)                         

5.       Ms. Sudesh Sharma (PRT)                     


16) M & R of School Building

1.       Ms. JatinderKaur  (Vice Principal)  Convener

2.       Mr. Sukhwinder Singh (PGT)  I/C

3.       Ms. Veena Wanchoo  (PGT)

4.       Ms. Sonia Dua (TGT)  

5.       Mr. Roshan Lal  ( TGT)         

6.       Mr. Trinath Nayak (PRT)                          

7.       Mr. Tajinder Singh  (PRT)               

8.       Ms. Ashpinder  (LDC)    


21) Allotment & Upkeep of Quarter

1.       Ms. Jatinder Kaur (V. Principal)

2.       Ms. K.K Gill (PGT)

3.       Ms. Kirandeep Kaur (PGT)

4.       Mr. Rajinder Singh (TGT )

5.       Mr. Roshanlal Singh ( TGT)

6.       Mr. T Nayak (PRT)

7.       Ms. Sudesh Sharma (PRT)

8.       Mr. Tajinder Singh (PRT)


17) Purchase Committee

1.       Ms. JatinderKaur  (V.Principal)  Convener

2.       Ms. Veena Wanchoo  (PGT)   I/C

3.       Ms. Kirandeep Kaur  (PGT)                         

4.       Mr. Rajinder Singh (TGT)

5.       Ms. Meena Sharma (TGT )

6.       Mr. Shiv Kumar  (PET)                   

7.       Mr. Trinath Nayak (PRT)                        

8.       Ms. Vijay Kumari (UDC)    


22) Maintenance of Staff Room

1.       Ms. Surekha Sarin   (TGT)   I/C

2.       Ms. Shashi Sadawarti  (TGT)

3.       Ms. Sonia Dua  (TGT)

4.       Ms. Veerpaul Kaur (TGT)

5.       Ms. Asha Lata  (PRT)

6.       Ms. PremLata  (PRT)

7.       Ms. Suman (PRT)


18) Refreshment Committee

1.       Ms. Veena Wanchoo (PGT BIO.)    I/C

2.       Ms. Kiran Kohli (TGT)

3.       Ms. Meena Sharma ( TGT)

4.       Mr. Harnek Singh (HM)

5.       Mr. Sukhbir Singh (PRT)

6.       Ms. Sudesh Sharma (PRT)


23) Youth Parliament

1.       Ms. ShashiSadawarti  (TGT)    I/C

2.       Ms. AmarjitKaur  (PGT)

3.       Ms. AmanjeetKaur  (TGT)

4.       Ms. SarikaBhatnagar (TGT)

5.       PGT Geography  (contractual)

6.       PGT  English  (Contractual)


19) Club Activities & NTSC, Maths Olympiad & Science Olympiad K.V.P.Y etc.


1.        Ms. KK Gill (PGT) (Maths Olympiad)


2.        Shashi Sadavarti(TGT)  (Club Activities & NTSC)


3.       Ms. Meena  Sharma  (Math & Science Olympiad, KVPY)


4.        Ms. Veena Wanchoo (Science Olympiad, KVPY)


5.       Ms. KiranKohli (TGT) (Science Olympiad)


6.        Mr. RoshanLal  (TGT) (Club Activities)

7.       Ms. AmanjeetKaur  (TGT) (Competitions & Scholarships)


24) Career Counseling & value Education

1.       Ms. JatinderKaur (Vice Principal)

2.       Counsellor (Contractual) I/C

3.       Ms. SurekhaSareen  (TGT)     I/C

4.       PGT English ( Contractual)

5.       Mr. Neeraj Khattak  (PGT)

6.       Ms. AmanjeetKaur  (TGT)

7.       Ms. KiranKohli  (TGT)




              25) Chalk Distribution Committee

                     1.  Mr. RoshanLal  (TGT)   I/C

                             2.D istributed By Lab attendants 

·         Mr. Raj  Kumar (Physics)

·         Mr.  Surinder  Singh  (Chemistry)

·         Mr.  Satpal   (Biology)

      3.       Mr. Harnek  Singh  (HM)   

          4. Ms. Sudesh Sharma  (PRT)


30) Condemnation Committee

      1.      Ms. Jatinder Kaur (V. Principal)

      2.      Mr. Sukhvinder Singh (PGT)      I/C

      3.      Ms. Yasha  (PGT)

      4.     Ms. Jasdeep Kaur (PGT)

      5.      Ms. Surekha Sarin  (TGT)

      6.      Mr. Jarnail  Singh  (Librarian )

      7.      Mr. Harnek  Singh  (HM)


           26) School Fire Management Committee

             1.       Nominee Chairman

              2.       Dr. (Mrs) Sudha Sharma (Principal)

                     3.       Ms. Jatinder Kaur (V. Principal)

                     4.       Mr. Harnek Singh (HM)

                     5.       Ms. Amarjit Kaur  (PGT)

                     6.       Mr. Shiv Kumar (TGT P&HE)

                     7.       Mr. Sukhbir Singh  (PRT)

                      8.       Parent Members 02 (Male & Female each)

                     9.       Head Boy

                     10.   Head Girl


31) Educational Excursion

1.       Ms. Veena Wanchoo  (PGT)    I/C

2.       Ms. KirandeepKaur (PGT)

3.       Ms. Meena  Sharma  (TGT)

4.       Ms. SurekhaSarin (TGT)

5.       Mr. HarnekSingh (HM)

6.       Ms. AmanjeetKaur  (TGT)

7.       Ms. Sudesh  Sharma   (PRT)   


27          Furniture Committee

          1.       Mr. Rajinder Singh (TGT)   I/C

               2.        Mr. Shiv Kumar (TGT P&HE

                3.       Mr. Jeevan Kumar (TGT)

                4.       Mr. Sukhbir Singh (PRT)

                 5.       Mr. Trinath Nayak (PRT)

                 6.       Ms. Vijay Kumari  (UDC) 


32) Water  & Plumber Arrangement

1.       Ms. AmarjeetKaur (PGT)  I/C

2.       Ms. VeerpalKaur (TGT)

3.       Mr. Jeevan Kumar (TGT)

4.       Mr. Harnek  Singh (HM)

5.       Mr. Tajinder   Singh  (PRT)

6.       Mr. Surinder Singh  (Lab. Attend)


                      38) Electricity & Civil Committee

                1.               Mr. Neeraj Khattak  (PGT)     I/C

2.                                 Mr.  Rajinder Singh (TGT)

3.                              Mr. Roshan Lal  (TGT)

4.                              Mr. Sukhbir  Singh  (PRT)

5.                              Mr. Trinath Nayak (PRT)

6.                             Mr. Tajinder Singh (PRT)

7.                             Mr. Raj Kumar (Lab. Attendant)


33) Transport Arrangement Committee

1.       Ms. Veena Wanchoo(PGT ) I/C

2.       Mr. Sukhwinder Singh (PGT)

3.       Ms. Meena Sharma (TGT)

4.       Mr. Jeevan Kumar (TGT)

5.       Mr. Sukhbir Singh (PRT)

6.       Mr. TrinathNayak(PRT)

7.       Mr. Satpal (Lab Att.)


                        9) Office Work

1.  Mr.  Jeevan Kumar (TGT) (Fee record)

2. Ms. KirandeepKaur (PGT)

                              (Enrollment ,CPF,GPF,NPS )

3.   Ms. Yasha  (PGT) (Income Tax & Form 16A)

4.   Ms. Meena Sharma  (TGT)(CS 54 &Attendance Register)


34) VVN Fund Committee

1.       Ms. Vijay  Kumari  (UDC)    I/C

2.       Ms.Veena Wanchoo  (PGT)

3.       Ms. Meena Sharma (TGT)

4.       Mr. Jeevan Kumar (TGT)






35) Record Maintenance Committee

    1. Ms. Meena Sharma  (TGT)   I/C

    2. Ms. Veena Wanchoo (PGT)

    3. Ms. Poonam Parsheera (TGT)

    4. Ms. Sudesh Sharma (PRT)

         5. Ms. Vibhu Sachdeva (PRT)


40)School  Readiness  Committee

1.       Mr. Harnek  Singh (HM)  I/C

2.       Ms. Rohini Mahajan  (PRT)

3.       Ms.  VibhuSachdeva (PRT)

4.       Ms.  Kulwinderjit Kaur  (PRT)


             36) Photography Committee

1.       Ms. KirandeepKaur  (PGT)     I/C

2.       Mr. Shiv  Kumar  (PET)

3.       Mr.  Jeevan  Kumar   (TGT)

4.       Mr.  Sukhbir Singh (PRT)


41) Press and Publicity Committee

    1.  Mr. Neeraj Khattak (PGT) I/C

    2.  Ms. SurekhaSarin  (TGT)

    3.  Mr. RoshanLal  (TGT)

    4. Ms. Poonam Parsheera (TGT)

37         Horticulture / Gardening

       1. Ms. VeenaWanchoo  (PGT)   I/C

       2. Ms. Kirandeep Kaur (PGT)

       3. Ms. KiranKohli  (TGT)

       4. Ms. Veerpaul Kaur  (TGT)

       4. Mr. Sukhbir  Singh (PRT)

       5. Ms. Sudesh  Sharma  (PRT)

42) Welfare of  SC/ST  Committee & RTE Welfare

    1.  Ms. Amarjeet Kaur  (PGT)   I/C

    2. Mr. Shiv Kumar (TGT P&HE)

    3. Mr. Harnek  Singh  (HM)

    4. Mr. TrinathNayak  (PRT)

38)        Admission Lottery & Draw Committee under RTE

1. Ms. AmarjitKaur (PGT)   I/C

2. VMC Member

3. Ms. Meena Sharma (TGT)

3. Mr. Harnek Singh (HM)

4. Ms. Anjli Wadhawan (PRT)

5. Ms. 6. Ms. Vijay Kumari (UDC)

7. Parent members – 2 (Male & Female one each)

43) Workshops & E-Learning

1.       Ms. Kirandeep Kaur (PGT) I/C

2.       Ms. Kiran Kohli (TGT)

3.       Ms. Amanjeet Kaur (TGT)

4.       Ms. Meena Sharma (TGT)

5.       Ms. Poonam Parsheera (TGT)

6.       Computer Instructors (TGT & PRT)

7.       Ms. Vibhu Sachdeva (PRT)

8.       Mr. Tajinder Singh (PRT)

9.       Ms. Sudesh Sharma (PRT)

10.   Ms. Suman Sharma (PRT)


39)             Grievance Cell

    1.    Ms. Jatinder Kaur (V. Principal)   I/C

    2.    Ms. K.K. Gill (PGT)

    3.    Mr. Roshan Lal (TGT)

    4.     Ms. Meena Sharma (TGT)

    5.    Mr. Harnek Singh (HM)

    6   . Ms. Kamal Gandhi (PRT)

44) Master on the Day (MOD)

    1. Ms. K.K.  (PGT)   I/C

    2. Ms. Kirandeep Kaur (PGT)

    3. Ms. Yasha (PGT)

    4. Mr. RP Upadhyay (TGT)

    5. Mr.Harnek Singh (HM)

    6. Mr. T. Nayak (PRT)

 (Dr. Sudha Sharma)



COMMITTEES (2013-14)
Mrs. Jatinder Kaur Vice Pri. Incharge    Ms Shashi Sadawarti TGT I/C
Mrs. Kusum  Music Tr. Member    Ms Amarjit Kaur PGT Member
Mr. B.K.Aggarwal PGT Chem Member    Ms Amanjeet Kaur  TGT Member
Mrs. Veena Wanchoo PGT Bio Member   Ms Sarika Bhatnagar TGT  Member
Mrs. Shashi K. Sadawarti TGT S.St. Member    PGT Geography Contractual               Member
Mr. Shiv Kumar PET Member    PGT English Contractual    Member
Admission Department    Career Counselling & Value Education & Disha Club 
Ms Amarjit Kaur PGT Incharge   Ms Jatinder Kaur  Vice Principal  
Ms Meena Sharma TGT Member    Ms Surekha Sarin TGT I/C
Primary   PGT English Contractual    Member
Mr Harnek Singh HM Incharge    Mr Neeraj Khattak PGT  Member
Ms Vibhu Sachdeva PRT Member   Ms Amanjeet Kaur TGT Member
Mr Jeevan Kumar                        PRT                  Member   Ms Kiran Kohli                             TGT                  Member
Time-Table /Leave Arrangement       Chalk Distribution Committee    
Ms Jasdeep Kaur PGT Comm. Incahege   Mr Roshan Lal TGT I/C
Mr Roshan Lal TGT Member    Distributed by Lab Attend    
Mr Jarnail Singh Lib Member    Mr Raj Kumar Phy    
Mr Sonia Dua TGT Member   Mr Surinder Singh Chem
Mr Jeevan Kumar                     PRT Member   Mr Satpal Biology    
Ms Subhash Thakur PRT Member   Mr Harnek Singh  HM   
Examination Department       Ms Asha Lata PRT  
Ms K.K. Gill PGT Incharge    PTA Committee     
Ms Yasha PGT Member   Ms Jatinder Kaur  Vice Principal  
Mr Rajinder Singh                      TGT                     Member   Ms K.K. Gill PGT I/C
Ms Meena Sharma TGT Member   Ms Veena Wanchoo PGT Member
Ms Amanjeet Kaur TGT Member    Ms Shashi Sadawarti TGT  Member
Mr Raj Kumar Lab Attnd Member   Ms Meena Sharma  TGT  Member
CCA and CCE (Life Skills ) Morning Assembly        Mr Harnek Singh  HM   Member
Ms Jatinder Kaur Vice Principal Overall I/C   Mr Tejinder Singh                         PRT              Member
 Ms Veena Wanchoo PGT  I/C    Ms Vijay Kumari UDC Member
Mr Neeraj Khattak PGT  Member    Furniture Committee    
Ms Poonam Parsheera              TGT                  Member   Mr Rajinder Singh TGT I/C
Mr Shiv Kumar  PET Member   Mr Shiv Kumar PET  Member
Ms Kusum Lata  Music Teacher Member    Ms Kiran Kohli TGT  Member
Mr Raj Kumar                               Lab Attnd           PA System    Mr Sukhbir Singh  PRT Member
Mr Harnek Singh  HM I/C Primary   Mr Trinath Nayak  PRT  Member
Ms Sudesh Sharma PRT  Member   Ms Vijay Kumari                          UDC              Member
Ms Kamal Gandhi  PRT Member    Electricity and Civil Committee    
Mr Tajinder Singh                         PRT                 Member    Mr Neeraj Khattak PGT I/C
 Ms Vibhu Sachdeva                   PRT Member   Ms Yasha PGT  Member
 Discipline and Safety Committee   Mr Roshan Lal TGT Member
 Ms Jatinder Kaur  Vice Principal       I/C   Mr Sukhbir Singh PRT  Member
 Ms Amarjeet kaur  PGT Member   Mr Trinath Nayak PRT Member
 Ms Jasdeep kaur PGT  Member   Ms Kusum Lata Music Tecaher Member
 Mr Shiv Kumar PET  Member    Mr Raj Kumar Lab Attnd Member
Ms Meena Sharma PGT  Member   Office Work    
Mr Rajinder Singh  TGT  Member    Ms Jasdeep Kaur PGT Fee REcord
Ms Surekha Srin TGT Member    Ms Kirandeep Kaur PGT Enrollment ,CPF,GPF,NPS
Mr Harnek Singh HM  Member   Mr Rajinder Singh TGT Income Tax
Mr Jeevan Kumar PRT Member   Mrs Meena Sharma PRT CS 54 & Attendance Register
Mr Tajinder Singh  PRT Member   Condemnation Committee    
Ms Anjali                                        PRT                  Member   Ms Jatinder Kaur                    Vice Principal    
Ms Amandeep Kaur (Coach)   Member   Ms Yasha PGT I/C
 Mr Raj Kumar Lab Attnd Member    Ms Jasdeep Kaur  PGT  Member
Mr Satpal Lab Attnd Member    Mr Sukhwinder Singh PGT Member
Mr Surinder Singh Lab Attnd  Member    Ms Surekha Sarin TGT  Member
All the Class Teachers       Mr Jarnail Singh Librarian Member
 Academic ,PTM Counselling ,Workshops & E-Learning        Mr Harnek Singh HM Member
 Ms K.K. Gill  PGT  I/C   Educational Excursion    
 Ms Kirandeep Kaur PGT   Member   Ms K.K. Gill PGT I/C
Mr Neeraj Khattak PGT  Member   Ms Kirandeep Kaur                  PGT                 Member
 Ms Kiran Kohli  TGT  I/C E-Learning    Ms Meena Sharma TGT Member
 Ms Shashi Sadawarti TGT Member   Ms Surekha Sarin TGT Member
Ms Amanjeet Jaur TGT  Member   Mr Harnek Singh  HM  Member
 PGT Contractual                                                   Member   Ms Amanjeet Kaur TGT Member
 Ms Kulwinderjit Kaur                 PRT                   Member   Ms Sudesh Sharma PRT Member
Ms Sudesh Sharma PRT  Member   Water and plumber Arrangement    
 Ms Suman Sharma PRT  Member   Ms Amarjeet Kaur PGT  I/C
Mr Jeevan Kumar  PRT Member    Ms Veerpal Kaur  TGT Member
Quiz & MCQ Incharge        TGT  Science Contractual    
Ms Veena Wanchoo  PGT  Incharge   Mr Harnek Singh HM Member
Ms Amarjit Kaur PGT Member   Mr Surinder Singh Lab Attnd Member
 Ms Amanjeet Kaur TGT  Member    Transport Arrangement Committee     
Ms Shashi Sadawarti TGT  Member    Ms Veena Wanchoo PGT  I/C
Ms Meena Sharma TGT  Member   Mr Shiv Kumar  PET Member
 Mr Roshan Lal                             TGT                   Member   Ms Poonam Parsheera TGT Member
Ms Subhash Thakur                                              Incharge    Ms Shashi Sadawarti TGT  Member
 Ms Poojka PRT Member   Mr Trinath Nayak PRT Member
 Ms Suman Sharma PRT  Member   Mr Jeevan  PRT Member
Mr Tajinder Singh PRT Member   Mr Satpal Lab Attnd Member
 Vidyalaya Patrika and News Letter         VVN   Fund  Committee    
 Mr Neeraj Khattak  PGT I/C   Ms Vijay Kumari UDC  I/C
Ms Surekha Sarin TGT Member    Ms Veena Wanchoo PGT  Member
Mr Roshan Lal TGT Member   Ms Meena Sharma TGT Member
Mr R. Upadhyay TGT Member   RTE 2013 Committee    
 PGT English Contractual   Ms Amarjit Kaur PGT I/C
Ms Suman Sharma PRT Member   Ms Meena Sharma TGT Member
 Ms Sudesh Sharma PRT  Member   Mr Harnek Singh HM Member
 Ms Anjali  PRT Member    Ms Vibhu Sachdeva                   PRT            Member
 Mr Trinath Nayak  PRT Member    Ms Vijay Kumari UDC Member
 CBSE Examination        Photography Committee 
Mr Rajinder Singh TGT I/C    Ms Kirandeep Kaur  PGT  I/C
Ms Amanjeet Kaur                        TGT                Member   Mr Shiv Kumar PET  Member
 Ms Mena Sharma  TGT  Member   Ms Poonam Parsheera          TGT                   Member
Rajbhasha Hindi Samiti        Mr Trinath Nayak PRT Member
Mr Neeraj Khattak PGT Incharge    Mr Jeevan Kumar  PRT  Member
 Ms Veerpal Kaur TGT  Member   Horticulture /Gardening    
Mr R.P. Upadhyay                         TGT                   Member   Ms Veena Wanchoo PGT I/C
Ms Kamla Gandhi  PRT Member   Ms Kiran Kohli TGT Member
Ms Asha Lata  PRT Member    Ms Meena Sharma  TGT Member
Ms Hardeep Kaur                         PRT                 Member   Mr Sukhbir Singh PRT  Member
First Aid and Medical Check Up   Ms Sudesh Sharma  PRT Member
 Ms Kiran Kohli TGT  I/C   Admission Lottery & Draw Committee    
Ms Meena Sharma TGT Member   Ms Amarjit Kaur  PGT  I/C
 Mr Shiv Kumar PET Member   Ms Kiran Kohli                           TGT               Member
Mr Sukhbir Singh  PRT Member   Ms Sudesh PRT Member
Ms Sudesh Sharma  PRT  Member    Mr T. Nayak PRT Member
Nurse (Contractual )   Ms Vibhu Sachdeva                  PRT               Member
Library Committee        Parent Members    -  2    
 Mr Jarnail Singh                         Lib                    Incharge    Grievance Cell    
 Ms Jatinder Kaur Vice Principal  Member   Ms Jatinder Kaur  Vice Principal I/C
Mr Neeraj Khattak PGT  Member    Ms Veena Wanchoo  PGT Member
Ms Shashi Sadawarti TGT Member    Mr Sukhwinder Singh  PGT  Member
 Ms Surekha Sarin  TGT  Member   Ms Poonam Parsheera           TGT                 Member
Ms Amanjeet Kaur                        TGT  Member    Ms Kamal Gandhi  PRT  Member
Mrs Meena Sharma                      TGT                Member    School Readiness Committee     
Mr Harnek Singh  HM  Member    Mr Harnek Singh HM I/C
 Ms Anjali PRT  Member    Ms Sudesh Sharma PRT Member
 Ms Sudesh PRT  Member   Ms Vibhu Sachdeva PRT Member
Mr Tajinder Singh PRT Member   Mr Sukhbir Singh PRT Member
 Ms Subhash PRT Member   Press and Publicity Committee    
Website and Thinkquest Committee        Mr Neeraj Khattak                      PGT                   I/C
 Dr.(Mrs.) Sudha Sharma Principal  Patron   Ms Surekha Sareen TGT Member
Ms Jatinder Kaur                        Vice Principal    Editor    Mr Roshan Lal  TGT Member
Ms Kirandeep Kaur PGT  Co-Editor I/C   Welfare of SC/ST Committee & RTE Welfare    
Mr Roshan Lal TGT Member    Ms Amarjeet Kaur  PGT  I/C
Mr Rajinder Singh  TGT Member   Mr Jarnail Singh LIb Member
Ms Sonia Dua TGT Member   Mr Harnek Singh                         HM                        Member
Ms A,manjeet Kaur TGT  Member   Mr Trinath Nayak                       PRT Memebr
 Mr Tejinder Singh                        PRT                  Member    Record Maintenance Committee     
 Mr Jeevan Kumar PRT Member    Ms Meena Sharma                   TGT                     I/C
 Mr Shiv Kumar PET  Member    Ms Veena Wanchoo PGT Member
 Mr Vijay Kuamri  UDC  Member    Ms Poonam Parsheera TGT Member
 Cleanliness & Beautification         Ms Sudesh Sharma PRT Member
 Mr Sukhwinder Singh PGT  I/C    Ms Vibhu Sachdeva PRT  Member
Ms Yasha PGT  Ladies Toilet Incharge   Master on Duty
Ms Jasdeep Kaur                        PGT                  Member    Ms K.K. Gill  PGT I/C
Mr Shiv Kumar  PET Gents Toilet Incharge   Ms Sashi Sadawarti TGT Member
 Ms Sonia Dua  TGT Girls Secondary Toilet I/C   Ms Kiran Kohli TGT Member
 Ms Veerpal Kaur TGT  Girls Secondary Toilet I/C   Mr Harnek Singh  HM Member
Ms Asha Lata  PRT Member   Mr Sukhbir Singh                       PRT                Member
Ms Poojka Gupta  PRT  Member        
Mr Sukhbir Singh                          PRT                Member        
Ms Kusum Lata  PRT Member        
 All Class Teachers        
 Scout & Guide             
 Ms Amanjeet Kaur  TGT I/C        
Ms Sarika Bhatnagar TGT  Member        
Ms Poonam Parsheera  TGT  Member    
Me Shiv Kumar                             PET                   Member        
 Cubs and Bulbuls             
 Mr Trinath Nayak PRT  I/C        
 Ms Sudesh Sharma PRT Member        
 Mr Sukhbir Singh PRT Member        
 Ms Anjali PRT Member        
 Ms Kusum Lata                          Music Teacher  Member        
 M & R of School Building             
 Ms Jatinder Kaur  Vice Principal  Convener        
 Ms Veena Wanchoo  PGT I/C        
 Mr Sukhwinder Singh PGT Member        
Ms Surekha Sarin TGT Member        
Mr Roshan Lal TGT Member        
 Mr Trinath Nayak  PRT Member      


Mr Tajinder Singh PRT Member        
Ms Ashpinder LDC Member        
Purchase Committee            
Ms Jatinder Kaur Vice Principal Convener        
Ms Veena Wanchoo PGT I/C        
Ms K.K. Gill PGT Member        
Mr Rajinder Singh PGT Member        
Ms Meeena Sharma TGT Member        
Mr Shiv Kumar TGT Member        
Mr Trinath Nayak TGT Member        
Ms Vijay Kumari UDC Member        
 Refreshment Committee            
 Ms Veena Wanchoo PGT Bio Incharge        
Ms Kiran Kohli TGT  Member        
Ms Meena Sharma TGT  Member        
Mr Harnek Singh TGT Member        
 Mr Sukhbir Singh PRT Bio        
 Club Activities & NTSE ,Maths Olympiad & Science Olympiad K.V. P.Y. etc             
 Ms Sashi Sadawarti TGT I/C Club activities and NTSE        
Ms Meena Sharma   I/C Maths and Science Olympiad ,KVPY        
 Ms KIran Kohli TGT  Member        
 Mr Roshan Lal TGT Member        
 Ms Amanjeet Kaur  TGT Member        
Ms Surekha Sarin TGT Member        
Ms Poonam Parsheera TGT Member        
 Canteen Committee            
Mr Neeraj Khattak PGT Hindi  Incharge        
 Ms Shashi Sadawarti TGT  Member        
 Ms Surekha Sarin TGT Member        
Mr Harnek Singh HM  Member        
Ms Kulwinderjit Kaur PRT Member        
 Allotment & upkeep of Quarter             
Ms K.K. Gill  PGT  I/C        
Mr Rajinder Singh TGT Member        
 Mr Roshan Lal Singh TGT Member        
Ms Sarika Bhatnagar  TGT Member        
 Mr Shiv Kumar PET Member        
 Ms Sudesh Sharma  PRT  Member        
Maintenace of Staff Room            
Ms Surekha Sarin TGT I/C        
 Ms Shashi Sadawarti  TGT  Member        
Ms Sonia Dua TGT Member        
Ms Sarika Bhatnagar TGT Member        
Ms Kusum Lata PRT Member        
Ms Prem Lata PRT Member